Participants in a project can form teams. Each participant can belong to at most one team.

Total and average credit is accounted for teams, and reflects all work done by participants while they belong to the team (even if they later quit the team).

A team has the following attributes:

  • A textual name.
  • An HTML name (can include graphics).
  • A textual description.
  • An optional URL (e.g., of the team's web site)
  • A type (business, school, club, etc.).
  • The founder: initially, this is the user who created the team, but it may change (see below). A team's founder may quit the team, but will remain as its founder.
  • A list of members.

A project's web site lets you:

  • See lists of the teams with the most credit.
  • Search for teams in various ways.
  • Join a team
  • Quit your current team

The founder of a team has some additional capabilities:

  • Edit the team's attributes.
  • Remove members from the team.
  • Change the founder (to any current member).
  • Disband the team.

Team Admins

TODO: describe the team admin mechanism

BOINC-wide teams

A 'BOINC-wide team' is one that exists on all BOINC projects, present and future, with an identical name and founder email address on all BOINC projects.

Team foundership transfer

In the event that the team founder becomes inactive or unavailable, it is possible to request team foundership to be transfered to another member. To do that the member who wants to be the new founder has to select an option Initiate transfer in the team's page. If another user hasn't requested the transfer within last 3 months, an option to request the transfer will be presented. Otherwise a date of the previous request will be shown.

Once the request is sent, the founder is given two months to accept or deny the request. If he/she fails to do that in time, the requesting user is given the option to become a new founder. To do that the user must visit the same foundership transfer initiation page. This option is available only for an additional month; once three months from initial request pass, a new request must be submitted.

This is a lengthy process, however, it is implemented in this way to protect teams from founder positions being stolen.