Release Notes for BOINC 7.10


Previous version: release notes for version 7.8.

Changes in 7.10.3

(Mac only release)

  • Patch wxWidgets 3.1.0 to fix BOINC Manager crash on OS 10.6

Changes in 7.10.2

  • MGR: don't crash if GUI RPC returns empty reply
  • MGR: use "client" instead of "daemon"
  • MGR: Rename OK button to Save button
  • MGR: remove excess blank lines in notices
  • client: fix bug where client does tight loop if no_gui_rpc set
  • client, MGR: add auto-login
  • MGR: don't show Attach Wizard at startup if autologin in progress
  • client: make autologin work for account managers as well as projects
  • Mac client: Fix bug which caused BOINC client built with SDK OS 10.11 or later to fail to get correct system RAM size when running on older versions of OS X
  • Mac client: fix a bug which caused the BOINC client to crash immediately on launch under OS X versions OS 10.11 and earlier
  • client: update ca-bundle.crt to latest copy of certificates
  • boinccmd: show CPU/GPU resources in --get_task
  • Update all_projects_list.xml file.
  • Linux: Default working directory changed to /var/lib/boinc
  • Show build not OS platform in messages

BOINC 7.10 now compatible with Domain Controllers

Since BOINC 7.6.1 the test whether BOINC is being installed on a domain controller no longer returns an error. In the past the installer would make BOINC limited user accounts for the client to run with whether you installed as a user installation or as a service installation.

Since some time now these limited user accounts only get installed when BOINC is installed as a service, no longer on user installations. Because these limited user accounts were a problem for DCs that run with a global user account, you can install the new client and see that it now works. Do make sure to install as the user install, not as a service. (It may be that the service install is disabled, we'd like to get feedback on that.)

Note: do know that when you only allow BOINC to do work when no one is logged on, that this only works with the service installation. Using the user installation will only allow BOINC to do work when someone is logged in.

For all changes, fixes and additions, see the BOINC Version History.

Known Issues

The following issues are already known to the developers:


Service Installation, GPU detection and Windows XP: Due to problems with up-to-date GPU drivers causing BOINC to crash or hang, it was decided that for all versions of Windows the GPU detection will no longer work when BOINC is installed as a service. This may change in a future version, but only after the GPU manufacturers have adjusted their driver code. So even in Windows 2000 and XP you can now no longer install BOINC as a service yet still have it detect your GPU(s) and run work on it. This change is present since 6.12.38