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Developed byPicador Group
Available LanguagesEN, Future Translations Planned
Web Site
Classification501(c)(3) nonprofit


GridRepublic is an account manager, a web site which allows BOINC volunteers to manage their participation in multiple distributed computing projects from that single site. A single login allows you to manage all computers and preferences with a clean simple point and click interface. The founder of GridRepublic was the first to suggest the creation of a system which allows for Account Managers to be created.

GridRepublic provides users an easy to install version of BOINC for Windows and Mac, but the account manager features can be used with any previously installed version of BOINC on any platform.

GridRepublic is working to raise public awareness and participation in volunteer computing with BOINC. There are many efforts being planned to bring volunteer computing with BOINC mainstream.

Setting Up GridRepublic

GridRepublic is comptabible with both the GridRepublic Client (the BOINC Client with custom installer, screensaver, and skin for simple view) and the BOINC client.

New to BOINC/GridRepublic

1. Head to

2. Provide an username, email, and password.

3. Select your project.

4. Install

5. Either use the default preferences of GridRepublic or go to the computer or project controls to edit any information.

6. You are done.

Existing BOINC Account

1. Head to

2. Enter in your existing username, email, and password. (If you do not use the same email and password on all projects you need to change them so they are the same.)

3. Attach your BOINC clients to Account Manager GridRepublic.

4. You are done.

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