Recruitment, Publicity, Teams, Help Publicise BOINC.

This is a summary of some of the topics discussed.


  • Try to get BOINC to be the default option for installing of other software. (Stealth Installation), (Could lead to anger)
  • Installation must be closer to client – 1 click installation.
  • Put BOINC client on
  • Study and learn from what Folding@home has done.
  • BOINC branding is very important.
  • "Tell a friend" link has aprox. 4% uptake on WCG.
  • Research which BOINC projects have best publicity and retention; publish this info for other new projects to learn from.
  • Clients, ways for existing members to grow.
  • Target LABS.
  • Projects should follow up on users that drop off. WCG have found that this works.
  • "Points Pyramid" suggested as good motivation tool for "Points Hungry" users. Good for retaining users and to encourage connecting more computing power.


  • Word of mouth and introduce a friend have proven to be successful methods.
  • Not enough distribution channels for BOINC. Need to broaden horizons.
  • Most people don't know what BOINC is.
  • Consensus agreed that people will run BOINC to help if it is explained in “Simple Format”
  • Publicity ideas; Radio, Youtube, Second Life, Facebook, Myspace, Skypecast.
  • "Publicise BOINC" page needed to compile all ideas and projects can link to this page.
  • "Publicise BOINC" page ideas; Simple explanation for BOINC, posters for download, Clickable web buttons with HTML so users can easily put them on their personal web page like Myspace.
  • Make things like Click for credit.

Help Publicise BOINC

  • “Help Publicise BOINC” link should be on the front page of each project.
  • “Help Publicise #project name#” link on the front page of each project.
  • Users need to have lots of ideas on the publicity page.
  • “Help Publicise BOINC/Project” link appears on all project message board pages.
  • Align and consolidate communities across all projects e.g.; Join BOINC not SETI.
  • Auto cross project adverts.
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