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IPv6 support not yet available

Wiki To-do list

Please describe error and omissions in the BOINC documentation here.

Missing information (or requests for documentation)

  • Where is the format of global_prefs.xml? I want to link it from ClientSim#input_sim_prefs. I see many pages with related info, I don't know which one is right or correct: PrefsImpl, GlobalPrefs? (doesn't show XML format), PrefsOverride, and bottom of ClientFiles.
    • These pages are updated. Please will someone double-check before removing this and PrefsOverride below?
  • It would be helpful if Upgrade instructions were included, perhaps on the Release Page (where it is suggested that users upgrade to the latest version). Does the previous version have to be uninstalled before upgrading or can the latest version just be copied into the same directory? Or should I put latest version into a new directory? What's the risk to my current projects? (I don't want to lose my Climate Prediction simulation that's been running for past 6 months). Is there any copying of config files, etc? If it doesn't seem to work, can I back it out? Etc.
  • It may be useful to have a new page (MigratingServers?) explaining how to migrate a BOINC project to a new server.
  • The information in the Crashes section on ReportBugs is extremely Windows-centric. It would be great to have it expanded for other operating systems.
  • The build instructions for UNIX kind of lack a pointer to all the help that Linux distributions give in this respect. These come with complete build environments and, i.e., Debian provides packages for BOINC's clients and developers experiment for such for servers
    • I strongly disagree about making a boinc-server package. If setting up a server involves just typing apt-get install boinc-server, [more] people who don't really know what they're doing will do it.
  • In the 'Help' page of the Windows BOINC Version 5.10.20, menu point 'Preferences' there is a field in the windows titled 'Day-of-week Override'. It is not clear to me, if I want to block BOINC activity during my weekly virus scan I have to put in the time of the virus scan or the complement of it. Please could someone add a remark about this option into the BoincWiki? help page. i found no entry searching for 'Day-of-week Override'.
  • System requirements for BOINC 6, more specifically which operating systems are minimally required? Can it be run on Windows 98?
  • General system requirements for BOINC screen saver. Minimum/recommended.
  • Attach to project wizard documentation
  • Attach to account manager wizard documentation

Out of date information

  • Implementation notes are most very outdated.
  • DebugClientWin is mostly obsoleted by the built-in debug dump.
  • SecurityIssues should be checked when 6.0 is out and about. Certainly the part on sandboxing.
  • ClientApp? and CompileClient point to Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. The new links point exclusively to the 2008 version. Has anyone tested building BOINC or apps with the 2008 version?
    • Having burned Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition to DVD I found it cannot be installed on any Windows version below XP. So for compatibility reasons, should we even link to the 2008 version? (I have for now added links pointing back to the correct download page for VS 2005 EE)
  • ReportBugs says bugs should be reported to boinc_alpha. It should mention Trac bug tracker instead.

Minor corrections

  • JobIn needs similar work to BackendState: reformatting using headings instead of that table mess. I reformatted JobIn using definition lists. I think it looks better than with headings, but we can't link to individual attributes...
  • ProfileScreen: The description of Loose screening says: The UOTD is selected randomly from among approved profiles. This is not what does, the default_uotd_candidates_query ignores the verification field.


  • PythonMysql had been converted from the original .txt. I recently "wikified" the page, since it was just plaintext copied verbatim. It probably needs some cleanup, and checking if the information on it is still correct.
    • Answer: With recent distributions you won't need this page anymore. I always used the stable packages (usually: python-mysqldb) provided by each distro and got no problems. ChristianB
    • Other pages need to be updated to say Python DB can just be installed that way.
  • Would it make sense to move DevProjects stuff into Trac tickets marked as 'Task'?
    • Seconded.
    • Why not use the BOINCDev forums for that? We're already moving DevProjects stuff into Trac where necessary, but the forums are already there and at times used for such things. It would be great if the developers used them more.

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Not the Wiki

  • minor correction project list about date of LHC first turn-up - according to this press release the machine will not "see" first-light until May of next year.
  • favicon uses an old logo version that lacks transparency.
  • The "add it to the wiki to-do list" should be an absolute URL. The link is broken on some pages.
  • Broken link http://boinc.berkeley/edu/trac/wiki/WorkShop07/Summary to the proceedings of The Third Pan-Galactic BOINC Workshop (News archive, September 26, 2007).

mention that only IPv4 is supported, not yet IPv6 *