Development Projects

We need volunteers to help with software testing and development. If you have one or more of the relevant technical skills (C++ system programming, PHP/MySQL Web development, wxWidgets programming, autoconf/automake expertise, etc.) you may be able to help us maintain and enhance BOINC.

The University of California holds the copyright on all BOINC source code. By submitting contributions to the BOINC code, you irrevocably assign all right, title, and interest, including copyright and all copyright rights, in such contributions to The Regents of the University of California, who may then use the code for any purpose that it desires.

To get started, read about the BOINC software development process. Find a small bug fix or enhancement to do (look at the BOINC bug database, the email lists, or message boards for ideas). Look at the source code and think about how you would implement it. Then communicate with the area owner, sketching what you want to do and how. Work with the the area owner to carry out and check in the work.

The following development projects are available:

Web features

(Requires advanced knowledge of PHP and MySQL)


No results


Add a mechanism where joining a team or group requires approval of an admin.

Difficult / complex

Unify preferences


Interactive editor for BBCode
Use CSS instead of HTML for formatting
Convert PHP code to use the new database abstraction layer.
Combine user page and profile.
Convert team name HTML and team description to BBcode.
Propagate profiles between projects
Add new profile features
Team customisation features
Ability to see / reset to default (project) prefs
Drupal integration
bootstrap: group input fields into input-groups
bootstrap: add pager and pagination divs
bootstrap: group buttons that are in the same form
bootstrap: rewrite news display code to support bootstrap divs and classes
bootstrap: rewrite uotd display code to support bootstrap divs and classes
bootstrap: change from code driven striped tables to css driven striped tables
bootstrap: show_login_info.php needs to be overridable by the project
bootstrap: add possibility to add a navigation bar

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No results

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Core client

(Requires advanced C++ system programming experience)

Hidden operation installation

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BOINC Manager

(Requires experience with WxWidgets GUI toolkit)

Bugs in Local preferences in cooperation with screen readers

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Server/Back? End

(Requires advanced C++/Unix system programming experience)

Associate results with app version

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Please check with area owner or David Anderson before undertaking any of these.

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