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  • BOINC lets you help cutting-edge science research using your computer. The BOINC app, running on your computer, downloads scientific computing jobs and runs them invisibly in the background. It's easy and safe.

  • About 30 science projects use BOINC. They investigate diseases, study climate change, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.

  • The BOINC and Science United projects are located at the University of California, Berkeley and are supported by the National Science Foundation.
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To contribute to science areas (biomedicine, physics, astronomy, and so on) use Science United. Your computer will help current and future projects in those areas.

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News from BOINC Projects

[PrimeGrid] SR5 Mega Prime Find!

On 8 October 2021, 01:38:53 UTC, PrimeGrid’s Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem project eliminated k=102818 by finding the mega prime: 102818*5^3440382-1 The prime is 2,404,729 digits long and enters Chris Caldwell's “The Largest Known Primes Database” ranked 96th overall. 61 k’s now remain in the Riesel Base 5 problem. The discovery was made by Wes Hewitt (emoga) of Canada using an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor with 32GB RAM, running Microsoft Windows 10 Professional x64 Edition. This computer took about 1 hour, 29 minutes to complete the primality test using LLR2. Wes Hewitt is a member of TeAm AnandTech team. The prime was verified on 10 October 2021, 20:14 UTC, by an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9800X CPU @ 3.80GHz with 32GB of RAM, running CentOS. This computer took 20 hours and 39 minutes to complete the primality test using LLR2. For more details, please see the official announcement.

View article · Fri, 3 Dec 2021 20:12:53 +0000

[Einstein@home] Animated movie about neutron stars, pulsars, and continuous gravitational waves

Join us on a journey into the depths of our Galaxy with an animated movie about neutron stars, pulsars, and continuous gravitational waves! This new video was created by Dr. M.A. Papa's research group that deploys the Einstein@Home gravitational wave searches. It will take you through our Galaxy to a very special type of star: a neutron star.

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View article · Thu, 2 Dec 2021 16:01:30 +0000

[] Dlls under windows

Is this still a problem? " There is still the issue with the bundled zip files not containing the Visual C++ redistributable runtime vcruntime140_1.dll for Windows hosts. " GDF

View article · Wed, 1 Dec 2021 18:12:18 +0000

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BOINC in Astronomy
From the National Academy of Science's decadal review, "Pathways to Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 2020s":

"Software and information technology are other areas where the footprints of astronomy have left clear marks. Grid computing is a prime example. The open source infrastructure “BOINC” developed in the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley for volunteer and grid computing was developed to search data obtained with radio telescopes for signals from extraterrestrial life (SETI@home). It has since been used in many other areas in astrophysics (LIGO (+Virgo) application of BOINC is looking for evidence of continuous, monochromatic gravitational waves from non-axisymmetric, unknown single neutron stars in the Milky Way galaxy and LIGO noise diagnostics, for example) but also in many non-astronomical contexts including medical, environmental and humanitarian research sponsored by IBM Corporate Citizenship in the non-profit “world community grid”, and even has been used for COVID-19 research"
27 Nov 2021, 7:53:35 UTC · Discuss

Windows client 7.16.20 released
Download it here.

This version fixes a problem that prevented BOINC from communicating with several projects and account managers.
18 Oct 2021, 5:08:00 UTC · Discuss

Windows communication failure: temporary workaround
Recently, the Windows BOINC client stopped being able to communicate with some projects and with Science United. This is because of an expired entry in a file called the "certificate authority bundle".

To fix this problem, download a new version of the file and put it in the

C:/Program Files/BOINC


This is a temporary fix. We hope to release a new version of the client that won't have this problem in the future.
5 Oct 2021, 7:47:49 UTC · Discuss

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