Project Management Committee

Project decisions are generally made by community consensus. To manage this process, and to resolve conflicts when they occur, there is a Project Management Committee (PMC) consisting of community members who have consistently contributed to the project. Current PMC members are:

Bruce Allen
Leader of Einstein@Home. Director of the Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitational Physics, Adjunct Professor of Physics, U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
David Anderson
BOINC founder and architect. Research Scientist at University of California, Berkeley. Software Architect of SETI@home. Email: davea at ssl dot berkeley dot edu
Matt Blumberg (Chair)
Founder GridRepublic, Founder Find.Bio, Co-Founder Charity Engine
Eric Korpela
Director of SETI@home. Research Scientist at University of California, Berkeley
Kevin Reed
Architect and developer at World Community Grid
Keith Uplinger
Technical lead of World Community Grid

The PMC can be contacted through their public email distribution list at boinc_admin.

Schedule/Minutes for BOINC Project Management Committee Calls

Date Minutes
24 August 2018 Minutes
17 August 2018 Minutes
8 August 2018 Minutes
1 August 2018 Minutes
18 July 2018 (tentative) Minutes
11 July 2018 Minutes
27 June 2018 Minutes
13 June 2018 Minutes
6 June 2018 Minutes
30 May 2018 Minutes
9 May 2018 Minutes
19 April 2018 Minutes
11 April 2018 Minutes
14 February 2018 Minutes
10 January 2018 Minutes
15 December 2017 Minutes
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