BOINC project (UC Berkeley) tasks

Web site

The BOINC web site ( is currently hosted on, which runs Scientific Linux.

Post news items as needed.

Isaac runs a number of software systems:

  • Trac
  • Mediawiki
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • PHP

These may need to be upgraded periodically.

TODO: document our configuration for these systems.

TODO: a plan for migrating the server to a different machine or VM if isaac dies.

TODO: move as much from BOINC server to github as possible. E.g. the trac wiki and mediawiki pages. Rom looked at this; there are some conversion tools but they didn't work completely.

Code-signing key

Maintain the code-signing key used for Win. We get this from Comodo, and it's about $100/year.

Project list maintenance

Maintain list of approved projects and account managers

(approve a project after you talk to its admins and are convinced that it description is accurate and they know about server security and are doing code-signing).

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