List of approved projects

The list of approved projects is stored as an XML file in boinc/doc/ The format of the file is described in a comment at the top. To add or remove a project, edit this file. Projects are grouped into "areas" (biomedical, astronomy/physics/chemistry, math, Earth science, mixed, cognitive science, distributed sensing). Put new projects in the appropriate area. If the project has a logo, put a small (200x80) version of it in boinc/doc/images.

The list of approved account managers is stored in boinc/doc/ Edit this file to add or remove and account manager.

These lists are used in two places:

  • The project_list.php Web RPC, which is done by BOINC clients every two weeks.
  • To generate the all_projects_list.xml file distributed with the BOINC client.

Because of the RPC, it's critical to not break the XML files: in particular, you must escape single quotes in strings. After editing either file, access and make sure its output is correct.

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