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Testing a formatting idea.

Control operations


--result URL result_name operation {--window_station ws} {--desktop dt} {--display dp}

Do operation on a result, identified by the project master URL and the result name. Operations:

  • suspend: temporarily stop work on result
  • resume: allow work on result
  • abort: permanently stop work on result
  • graphics_window: open graphics in a window. The optional desktop/window_station (Windows) or display (X11) arguments specify the display.
  • graphics_fullscreen: open graphics fullscreen


--project URL operation

Do operation on a project, identified by its master URL. Operations:

  • reset: delete current work and get more
  • detach: delete current work and don't get more
  • update: contact scheduling server
  • suspend: stop work for project
  • resume: resume work for project
  • nomorework: finish current work but don't get more
  • allowmorework: undo nomorework
  • detach_when_done: detach project


--file_transfer URL filename {retry | abort}

Do operation on a file transfer.


--set_run_mode {always | auto | never} [ duration ]

Set run mode.

  • always: do CPU work always
  • auto: do work only when allowed by preferences
  • never: don't do work

If duration is zero or absent, this mode is permanent. Otherwise, after duration seconds elapse, revert to last permanent mode.


--set_network_mode {always | auto | never} [ duration ]

Set network mode. Like set_run_mode but applies to network transfers.


--set_proxy_settings http_server_name http_server_port http_user_name http_user_passwd socks_server_name socks_server_port socks_version socks5_user_name socks5_user_passwd

Set proxy settings (all fields are mandatory).



Run CPU benchmarks.


--set_screensaver_mode on|off blank_time {--desktop desktop} {--window_station window_station} {--display display}

Tell the core client to start or stop doing fullscreen graphics, and going to black after blank_time seconds. The optional arguments specify which desktop/windows_station (Windows) or display (X11) to use.



Tell the core client to read the [PrefsOverride global_prefs_override.xml] file, and incorporate any global preferences indicated there.



Tell the core client to quit.



Reread the configuration file (cc_config.xml)


--set_debts URL1 STD1 LTD1 {URL2 STD2 LTD2 ...}

Set the short- and long-term debts of one or more projects. List-add.pngNew in 5.10.14

Note: if you adjust the debts of a single project, the debts of other projects are changed. So if you want to set the debts of multiple projects, do it in a single command.