Starting BOINC on boot (Unix)


You may want to arrange to run the BOINC client each time your machine boots, or launch the BOINC Manager whenever you log in. Listed below are instructions and pointers for doing so on a variety of Unix systems.

Automatic startup on Unix

Linux (and now most Unix systems) use the SYSV "init" system to start system services (called "daemons") at boot time. To start the BOINC client when your computer turns on you need to install an "init" script which starts the core client, and you may have to edit a configuration file, if your BOINC installation is not where the init script thinks it would be.

Various BOINC volunteers have contributed scripts for automatic startup of BOINC as a daemon on various versions of Unix:

Keep these articles coming as they've opened many new doors for me.

Automatic startup on Mac OS X

The Mac Standard GUI installation arranges for BOINC to run on user login.

To automatically run BOINC as a daemon or system service at boot time, or to prevent BOINC from launching automatically when selected users log in, see the tools for Mac OS X.