OpenCL for CPU

"OpenCL" is a software system for parallel programming. It was developed for GPUs, but it can also be used for multicore CPUs. Currently only Collatz has an OpenCL/CPU application, but we expect more to appear as many-core CPUs become widespread.

Generally, current video drivers (from NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel) include support for OpenCL CPU applications. A couple of things to be aware of:

- Intel's OpenCL support requires the SSE4.1 CPU feature (BOINC's event log shows you the list of your CPU's features).

- If your host does not have SSE4.1 support, then you can install the AMD APP SDK 2.8 and it will install the AMD OpenCL CPU driver. Note that the AMD APP SDK v2.9 will NOT install it. You have to use 2.8 or earlier as they now bundle the OpenCL driver with the video driver instead of with the APP SDK. As AMD only keeps the last several versions on their archive page, you may want to grab both the 32 and 64 bit version of the v2.8 APP SDK now and keep them in a safe place.