BOINC Account Manager


This article is about the web application available from BOINCstats. For general information about account managers, see account managers

BOINC Account Manager
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Developed byBOINCstats
Available LanguagesEN, NL, LT, DE, PL, BG, TW, IT, FR, CN, JP, ES, CT, CZ, SE, FI, BR, TR
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BOINC Account Manager (or "BAM") is an account manager that assists you in creating and managing your BOINC project accounts and helps you with setting preferences, joining or creating teams, connecting your computers to projects, and many more.

Not all projects have full support for BAM yet. Check the supported project page to see what works, and what doesn't.

How to use BAM

New BOINC Users

If you are new to BOINC, you can start BOINC by creating a BAM account. Just enter your information on the registration page and after activating the account you can start with selecting the projects you want to support. The account information you use for BAM will be used to create accounts for you at your chosen projects.

Follow the steps below to setup BAM

Existing BOINC Users

If you are already using BOINC, the projects where you already have an account will be imported into BAM when you create a BAM account. These projects can now be managed from BAM (like setting preferences or resource shares).

You can attach your existing hosts to BAM using the instructions below

Setting up BAM

  1. Create a BAM account
  2. Wait for the activation mail, and activate your account.
  3. Login to BAM at
  4. Goto "BAM settings" in "My BAM menu" (upper left) and check the "Use BAM's AMS functions" box and click set.
  5. Goto "Sign-up for projects" in "My BAM menu" and select the projects you want to join ("Create account"), then click "Start". This step is optional if you already joined a project.
  6. Goto "Project resources" in "My BAM menu" and select the projects that you want all your new hosts to attach to ("Default attach") and click "Update".
  7. Download the BOINC client. This step is optional if your computer is already running BOINC.
  8. Install and run the downloaded BOINC client. This step is optional if your computer is already running BOINC.
  9. Attach the BOINC client to BAM. The instructions are here.
  10. The client will make two connections to BAM. It will connect to all projects that are set to default attach.
  11. Done! There are more options in BAM to fine-tune settings and hosts. Browse around and read the F.A.Q. for details.