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Project statistics data

Projects export statistics data in XML-format files. Most projects regenerate the files every 24 hours. These files are contained in a download directory, usually PROJECT_URL/stats/.

The download directory contains the following files:

This gives the total number of records for each entity type (team, user, and host). It also includes the UNIX time when the files were last generated, and a list of the project's applications, with counts of various things. For example:
List of hosts
List of teams
List of users

The format of the various XML elements in the output files is as follows. Notes:

  • <cpid> ('cross-project identifier?') is a unique identifier across multiple projects. Accounts with the same email address on different projects will have the same cross-project identifier (as long as at least one computer is attached to both accounts).
  • All 'expavg_credit' values were computed at some point in the past (given by 'expavg_time'). To compute their current values, they must be scaled according to the RAC decay formula?.

Team summary

 <name>Broadband Reports Team Starfire</name>

User summary

 <name>John Keck</name>
 [ <teamid>5</teamid> ]
 [ <has_profile/> ]

Host summary

  <os_name>Windows XP</os_name>