Project statistics data

Projects export statistics data in XML-format files. Most projects regenerate the files every 24 hours. These files are contained in a directory DOWNLOAD_URL/stats/. For most projects, DOWNLOAD_URL is the project's master URL. However, some projects (notably IBM WCG) put them elsewhere; in these cases, the URL is given by the web_rpc_url_base element returned by the project's get_project_config.php web RPC.

The download directory contains the following files:

This gives the total number of teams, users, and hosts. It also includes the UNIX time when the files were last generated, a list of the project's applications, and the list of badges defined by the project. For example:
    [ <credit_by_app/> ]
           <title>Top 25% in average credit</name>
List of hosts
List of teams
List of users
list of user badge assignments
list of team badge assignments

If the <credit_by_app/> flag is present in tables.xml, there will also be

user credit, broken down by app
team credit, broken down by app

The format of the various XML elements in the output files is as follows.


  • <cpid> ('cross-project identifier') is a unique identifier across multiple projects. Accounts with the same email address on different projects will have the same cross-project identifier (as long as at least one computer is attached to both accounts).
  • All 'expavg_credit' values were computed at some point in the past (given by 'expavg_time'). To compute their current values, they must be scaled according to the RAC decay formula.
  • Text fields may contain XML entities. If you aren't using a real XML parser, you need to decode the entities yourself.

Team summary

 <founder_name>Piotr Zalewski</founder_name>
 [ <url></url> ]
 [ <name_html>&lt;b>DistributedComputing@P&#197;&#130;ock&lt;/b></name_html> ]
 [ <description>We are crunching...&#13;&#10;to make LHC better :)</description> ]
 [ <country>Poland</country> ]

User summary

 <name>John Keck</name>
 [ <url></url> ]
 [ <teamid>5</teamid> ]
 [ <has_profile/> ]

Host summary

  <os_name>Windows XP</os_name>
  <coprocs>[CUDA|GeForce 9500 GT|1|256MB]</coprocs>

The following fields are of the form [x1|x2|...|xn]. Depending on the client version, only an initial subset of items may be present.

The BOINC client version currently running on the host. The third item is the client "brand", such as "HTC Power to Give" or "Samsung Power Sleep".
The version of VirtualBox installed on the client host.
A list of GPU descriptors. The items in each one are:
  • The manufacturer. "CUDA" means NVIDIA, "CAL" means AMD, and "INTEL" means Intel.
  • The model name.
  • The number of GPUs.
  • The amount of video RAM.
  • The driver version.
  • The OpenCL version; 102 means 1.2.
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