Multi-User Project group notes

Remote job submission

We discussed how to extend BOINC's new remote job submission to match the capabilities of Legion and others. Items:

  • Add the ability to include input files directly in batch submit request XML messages. In some cases the BOINC server may be outside a firewall, and scientists' data files may be on inaccessible servers inside the firewall.
  • When retrieving the output of a batch, allow the user to fetch the concatenation of all the files rather than a zipped archive of them.
  • Add an RPC to get batch "meta-data": e.g., for each job in the batch:
    • host into (OS and CPU type, etc.)
    • time info (elapsed, CPU)
    • volunteer info (name)
    • which app version was used

Remote app creation

We then discussed the idea of remote app and app version creation, inspired by Natalia Nikitina's system.

  • We must keep track of which user added them
  • Access control:
    • Only designated users can add apps
    • Only the user who created an app can add versions of it

The interface to add an app would include

  • beta test flag
  • choose replication level
  • choose validator (trivial, bitwise)

The interface to add an app version would include

  • platform
  • plan class
  • version number
  • main program
  • need wrapper?
  • other files
  • file attributes (copy file etc.)
  • signatures

Job graphs

We discussed whether the remote job submission should support graphs as well as bags of tasks. The consensus was: no, this can be done by an agent in the portal that polls for job/batch completion, then submits new jobs/batches.

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