BOF 1: (INTER PROCESS COMMUNICATION) vulnerability issues in IPC (get/read/put) -- how can we prevent malicious users from corrupting the database?

firewall issues -- certain clients will not be able to communicate.

what type of applications can use this?

cellular GAs?

MPI applications -- not all MPI applications require tightly coupled processors, some have more appropriate computation to communication ratios.

somewhat coupled applications

  • load balancing -- appropriately balancing load can reduce inter client communication and maybe make IPC useful to some applications
  • process migration -- can aid in load balancing
  • latency detection -- grouping clients with low latency could allow group computation

malaria control

memory bound simulation can benefit from having a workunit split between hosts are communication requirements realistic? reduce communication with algorithm

p2p communication bewteen clients

distributed hashtables could be used for put/read/get

put/read/get could use storage for checkpoints -- cliques can be used as well

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