Simplified application development

Greg Becker has an application that is seperated from the boinc framework.... using monte carlo simulation... they need more computing power ...

Users get scared away by the master side programming, too complicated (ChristianB: What do you mean with master side programming?)

Kornafeld Adam: BOINC should provide an example master app, which aggregates all master side project specific functionality

Figure out a a way to specify input without files, maybe JSON format ? Internaly BOINC still stores files, but the application developer would not be aware of any of them

Event based ? Master-side interface so interpreted languages can use it too? lightweight so it can reimplemented in any language?

Data (input file) transfer (master -> client) should be made transparent ? bindings for each language ?

Cross-compiling ? Autobuilding assimilator/client/validator ? signing ? self-signing project ? cross-compiling should me avoided at all costs

[ web form for scientists, where code can be copied in and gets compiled ]

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