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Please describe error and omissions in the BOINC documentation here.

Missing information (or requests for documentation)

Out of date information

  • PrefsOverride is out of date
    • This has been "fixed", but per-day time preferences (and maybe others) are still missing.
  • Implementation notes are most very outdated.
  • DebugClientWin is mostly obsoleted by the built-in debug dump.

Minor corrections

  • ManagerAdvanced? could have some new screenshots. Current ones show glitches on the rendering of menus. Also it's probably better to keep the screenshots as attachments to that page, instead of stored somewhere else on BOINC server, that way contributors can change them.
  • JobIn needs similar work to BackendState: reformatting using headings instead of that table mess. I reformatted JobIn using definition lists. I think it looks better than with headings, but we can't link to individual attributes...


  • PythonMysql had been converted from the original .txt. I recently "wikified" the page, since it was just plaintext copied verbatim. It probably needs some cleanup, and checking if the information on it is still correct.
    • Answer: With recent distributions you won't need this page anymore. I always used the stable packages (usually: python-mysqldb) provided by each distro and got no problems. ChristianB
    • Other pages need to be updated to say Python DB can just be installed that way.
  • Would it make sense to move DevProjects stuff into Trac tickets marked as 'Task'?
    • Seconded.
    • Why not use the BOINCDev forums for that? We're already moving DevProjects stuff into Trac where necessary, but the forums are already there and at times used for such things. It would be great if the developers used them more.

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Not the Wiki

  • minor correction project list about date of LHC first turn-up - according to this press release the machine will not "see" first-light until May of next year.
  • favicon uses an old logo version that lacks transparency.