Project control

Project control scripts

The following Python scripts control a project:

Start the project: start all daemons, and remove the stop_sched and stop_daemon files (see below).
Stop the project (create the stop_sched and stop_daemon files)
Show whether the project is stopped. Show the status of all daemons. Show the status of all periodic tasks (e.g., when they were last executed).
bin/start --cron
If the project is started, perform all periodic tasks that are past due, and start any daemons that aren't running. Otherwise do nothing.
bin/start --cron-tasks
Like --cron but doesn't start daemons.

Trigger files

The following files (in the project root directory) can be used to turn off various parts of a project.

Have the scheduler return 'project down' messages.
Tell all daemon process to exit.
Have the web site return 'project down' messages for all functions that require database access.
Have the file upload handler return transient error messages to clients (they'll back off and retry later).
Have the feeder reread the database to notice new applications, app versions, or changes to how work is assigned.

The presence of a file triggers the function. For example, to turn off data-driven web pages, type

touch stop_web

and to turn them back on, type

rm stop_web

If the first three files are all present, no database access will occur. You should do this during most maintenance functions (such as upgrading software).

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