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APIs for add-on software

BOINC provides documented interfaces making it possible to develop various types of applications and web sites that interact with BOINC components. Examples include:

  • Client GUIs: Applications that control a local or remote core client.
  • Credit statistics web sites: Web sites showing credit information (project totals, user/team/country leaderboards) based on daily XML feeds of statistics data from BOINC projects. The XML format is documented here.
  • Account managers: Web sites that let BOINC users create and manage accounts on multiple projects.
  • Aggregate credit statistics: Web RPCs for getting cross-project credit data for hosts, teams and users.
  • Web RPCs: These interfaces let a program or web site obtain information about projects, and create/edit entities (users, teams, hosts) on projects.
  • Local editing of preferences: This mechanism lets you write programs for local editing of preferences.
  • BoincLite: a library for embedding BOINC client functionality in other apps

Check the index of add-on software before writing anything (it may already exist). The index has instructions for submitting new add-ons.