BOINC server software testing

We rely on volunteers to test the BOINC server software. The server software includes everything used by projects:

  • The scheduler, feeder, transitioner, and so on.
  • The API code
  • Wrappers
  • The PHP web code
  • The python scripts are creating and controlling projects

Becoming a Server tester

When we are preparing to release a new version of the server software, testers are expected to

  • Download the software under test, and install it on a new or existing project. Established BOINC projects can use a separate test project for this purpose.
  • Build applications and deploy them on the test project.
  • Carefully monitor the test project
  • Report the results of testing

If you are OK with this and want to help test BOINC, send email to David Anderson, and we'll give you an account in the BOINC server test project.

Testers must subscribe to the boinc_dev email list. (You don't need to be a tester to subscribe to this list).

How to test

See the set of test cases. For each release, please do all the General tests, and as many of the other tests as your time and computer environment permit.

If you experienced problems with BOINC that are not covered by any of these tests, please post to the email list.

How to report test results

Report results through the web-based interface. You must log in to the BOINC Alpha project

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