Server status

A project exports its server status in two forms:

  • URL/server_status.php: human-readable (web page).
  • URL/server_status.php?xml=1: XML format.

These show the status of daemon processes and counts of users and jobs.

The database queries used for getting the counts can be slow. The results are cached so that the queries are done infrequently. The caching period is defined by the constant STATUS_PAGE_TTL in html/project/ The default is 1 hour.

If your project runs daemons on hosts other than the web server, you'll need to run the script html/ops/remote_server_status.php as a period script; i.e. put something like

   <cmd>run_in_ops remote_server_status.php</cmd>
   <period>1 hour</period>

in the <tasks> section of your config.xml.

This script uses ssh to find the status of daemons on remote hosts. This can't be done directly from server_status.php because the Apache user typically can't ssh to other hosts. Your BOINC user (e.g. boincadm) must be able to ssh without password to the hosts on which daemons run. You must install the packages php-curl and php7.0-xml for this to work.

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