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Remote job submission

"Remote job submissions" means that jobs are submitted by scripts or programs running on hosts other than the BOINC server.

BOINC provides components that can be used to build such systems. We'll list some example systems, then describe the components.

Example: Science portal

Users submit jobs using forms on a web site other than the project web site:

The scripts implementing these forms would use Web RPCs to create batches and jobs.

Input files can be handled in any of several ways:

Example: Condor/BOINC bridge

In such systems, users submit jobs to a Condor system using any a command-line or GUI-based interface. The Condor system may, depending on load conditions, route the job to a BOINC project. This system uses web RPCs for all functions.

Components supplied by BOINC

Web RPCs for input file management

BOINC provides Web RPCs for remotely managing input files, and a C++ binding of this API.

Web RPCs for job submission

BOINC provides Web RPCs for creating and managing jobs.

Per-user file sandbox

BOINC provides a web-based system allowing users to remotely manage input files.

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