Remote job submission

"Remote job submission" means that jobs are submitted by scripts or programs running outside the BOINC server; they need not have login access to the BOINC server. The scripts use Web RPCs to create batches and jobs, and to manage input and output files.

Remote job submission differs from local submission in several ways:

  • A job submitters must have a user account on the BOINC project. Their submissions are associated with that account, and must supply its credentials. Users must be granted access rights and quotas in order to create jobs.
  • Jobs are submitted and controlled in "batches". If you want to submit a single job, submit a batch with one element.
  • Don't use an assimilator for remote jobs; Instead, use the "retire batch" operation to tell that the batch's file and database records can be cleaned up.
  • Job submitters can monitor and control their batches and jobs via an interface on the BOINC project web site.

Example: Science portal

Users submit jobs using forms on a web site outside the BOINC server.

Example: Condor/BOINC bridge

Users submit jobs to a Condor system using a command-line or GUI-based interface. The Condor system routes the job to a BOINC project. Details are here.

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