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BOINC project governance

BOINC is a community-based open-source project. Anyone can contribute to BOINC, and there are many ways to contribute. People who consistently contribute are able to participate in the project's decision-making processes.

BOINC's governance structure is described here.

Project Management Committee

Project decisions are generally made by community consensus. To manage this process, and to resolve conflicts when they occur, there is a Project Management Committee (PMC) consisting of community members who have consistently contributed to the project. Current PMC members are:

Bruce Allen
Leader of Einstein@Home. Director of the Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitational Physics, Adjunct Professor of Physics, U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
David Anderson
BOINC founder and architect. Director of SETI@home. Research Scientist at University of California, Berkeley.
Christian Beer
Project admin of RNA World and vice chairman of e.V.
Matt Blumberg
Director of GridRepublic. Creator of Progress Thru Processors.
Eric Korpela
Chief scientist of SETI@home. Research Scientist at University of California, Berkeley.
Keith Upplinger
Technical lead of IBM World Community Grid.
Rom Walton
Programmer/Analyst at UC Berkeley.
Willy de Zutter
Creator of BoincStats and BAM!.