BOINC project governance

BOINC is a community-based open-source project. Anyone can contribute to BOINC, and there are many ways to contribute. People who consistently contribute are able to participate in the project's decision-making processes.

BOINC's governance structure is described here.

Project Management Committee

Project decisions are generally made by community consensus. To manage this process, and to resolve conflicts when they occur, there is a Project Management Committee (PMC) consisting of community members who have consistently contributed to the project. Current PMC members are:

Bruce Allen
Leader of Einstein@Home. Director of the Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitational Physics, Adjunct Professor of Physics, U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
David Anderson
BOINC founder and architect. Research Scientist at University of California, Berkeley. Software Architect of SETI@home. Email: davea at ssl dot berkeley dot edu
Matt Blumberg (Chair)
Founder GridRepublic, Founder Find.Bio, Co-Founder Charity Engine
Eric Korpela
Director of SETI@home. Research Scientist at University of California, Berkeley.
Kevin Reed
Architect and developer at World Community Grid.
Keith Uplinger
Technical lead of World Community Grid.

Meeting minutes from PMC meetings can be found at

The PMC can be contacted through their public email distribution list at boinc_admin.


Users who have made valuable contributions to the code base of the project. The Governance Document details their role in the project and why they are selected.

Current committers are:

  • David Anderson
  • Christian Beer
  • Oliver Behnke
  • Charlie Fenton
  • Laurence Field
  • Eric Korpela
  • Vitalii Koshura
  • Marius Millea
  • Tristan Olive
  • Adam Radocz
  • Kevin Reed
  • Rytis Slatkevicius
  • Juha Sointusalo
  • Keith Uplinger
  • Rom Walton

Anyone can nominate themselves or other people to the PMC as potential committers by using the boinc_admin mailing list.


BOINC needs help beyond just code contribution. Users who have made significant contributions to the BOINC project in ways other than by contributing code are recognized as supporters. The Governance Document details their role in the project and why they are selected.

Current supporters are:

  • Richard Haselgrove
  • Jord van der Elst

Anyone can nominate themselves or other people to the PMC as potential supporters by using the boinc_admin mailing list.


The following people have contributed to the development of the BOINC software:

Tolu Aina, Bruce Allen, Nicolás Alvarez, Jonathan Armstrong, Matt Arsenault, Sharov Artyom, Noaa Avital, David Barnard, Don Bashford, Lars Bausch, Christian Beer, Oliver Behnke, James Bercegay, Frederic Bor, Brian Boshes, Nils Chr. Brause, Jens Breitbart, Tim Brown, Karl Chen, Carl Christensen, Pietro Cicotti, Jeff Cobb, Seth Cooper, David Coss, Markku Degerholm, Aycan Demirel, Glenn Dill, James Drews, Urs Echternacht, Liu Fan, Mike Fleetwood, John Flynn III, Joachim Fritzsch, Jan Gall, Michael Gary, Marco Gazzoni, Gary Gibson, Gabor Gombas, David Goodenough, Walt Gribben, John F. Hall, John Hallissey, Jim Harris, Volker Hatzenberger, Ian Hay, Eric Heien, Josh Highley, Darrell Holz, Thomas Horsten, Daniel Hsu, Bartosz Kaszubowski, Takafumi Kawana, John Keck, Andre Kerstens, David Kim, Nathan Kinsinger, John Kirby, Derrick Kondo, Eric Korpela, Robert Kreß, Janus Kristensen, Tim Lan, Egon Larsson, Gilson Laurent, Matt Lebofsky, Pav Lucistnik, Bernd Machenschalk, Nicolas Maire, Christopher Malton, Attila Marosii, Sebastian Masch, John McLeod VII, Michael Melanson, Evandro Menezes, Clive Messer, Kenichi Miyoshi, Steffen Möller, Don Mullis, Tony Murray, Eric Myers, Harold Naparst, Kjell Nedrelid, Hien Nguyen, Nikos Ntarmos, Rob Ogilvie, J.R. Oldroyd, Carlos Orellana, Alex Owen, Ron Parker, Jakob Pedersen, Stephen Pellicer, Reinhard Prix, Tetsuji Maverick Rai, Andy Read, Kevin Reed, Thomas Richard, Michael Roberts, RustyBSD, Slawomir Rzeznicki, Nikolay Saharov, Alex A. dos Santos, Steven Schweda, Josef W. Segur, Jens Seidler, Rytis Slatkevičius, Peter Smithson, Dr. M.F. Somers, Jon Sonntag, Christian Søttrup, Michael Tarantino, Michela Taufer, Frank S. Thomas, Michael Tyka, Thibaut Varene, Hendrik Verhoek, Roberto Virga, Mathias Walter, Oliver Wang, James Wanless, Frank Weiler, Derek Wright

This list is very likely incomplete and misses people who have made useful contributions. If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact the PMC via the boinc_admin mailing list.

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