The BOINC PMC chartered a committee in July of 2017 to review how the BOINC community was operating and identify areas for improvement. The committee is meeting periodically to talk through and produce concrete proposals for review and discussion by the community. The proposals produced from this committee are available for review below. As the work continues, additional proposals will be added to the list below.


Sept 1, 2017

Committee Membership

  • David Anderson - BOINC
  • Christian Beer - Einstein@Home
  • Jord van der Elst - Alpha Tester and Contributor
  • Laurence Field - CERN/LHC
  • Eric Korpela - Seti@Home
  • Richard Haselgrove - Alpha Tester and Contributor
  • Tristan Olive - GridRepublic
  • Kevin Reed (Committee Chair) - IBM/World Community Grid
  • David Wallom / Andy Bowery -
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