Per-app credit

By default, BOINC maintains the credit granted to teams, users, and hosts, both total and average. You can optionally maintain credit for teams and users on a per-application basis. This information is stored in DB tables credit_user and credit_team. Note: doing this will increase DB size and server load.

To maintain per-app credit, put


in your config.xml file.

Displaying per-app credit

Per-app credit is displayed and exported in terms of sub-projects. A sub-project is a named set of apps. Define your sup-projects in html/project/ in the form

$sub_projects = array(
    array("name" => "Remote Test", "short_name" => "RT", "appids" => array(16)),
    array("name" => "Uppercase", "short_name" => "UC", "appids" => array(1, 25)),

name is what's shown on web pages. short_name is optional, and is used to form badge names (see below).

To display per-app credit on your web site (in the user and team pages) you must supply functions


in your html/project/ These functions must generate table rows describing the credit granted to each app for the given user or team.

The example file boinc/html/project.sample/ contains an example of how to do this. Remove the if(0) and change the sub-project specs to suit your project.

Exporting per-app credit

The db_dump program writes per-app credit in two files user_work.gz and team_work.gz in your html/stats directory.

Decaying per-app credit

Average credit is automatically decayed when credit is granted. However, if a user or team stops getting credit, this won't happen; you need to run a script decay_credit_by_app.php to decay the credit of inactive users and teams. Add something like this to your config.xml:

      <cmd>run_in_ops decay_credit_by_app.php</cmd>
      <period>1 day</period>

Granting badges based on per-app credit

The script html/ops/badge_assign_custom.php grants badges based on subproject credit totals. See its comments for instructions.

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