Job status summary

Jobs can fail in various ways. Here's a summary of what ends up in the server DB (in all cases, result.outcome is RESULT_OUTCOME_CLIENT_ERROR (3).

what happened result.exit_status <message> in result.stderr_out
app crashed status returned by OS "process got signal N" or similar
app called exit(N), N nonzero N "[OS error string] - exit code %d (0x%x) " or similar
app aborted by client, too much time ERR_RSC_LIMIT_EXCEEDED (-177) "Maximum elapsed time exceeded"
app aborted by client, too much disk ERR_RSC_LIMIT_EXCEEDED (-177) "Maximum disk usage exceeded"
app aborted by client, too much RAM ERR_RSC_LIMIT_EXCEEDED (-177) "Maximum memory exceeded"
abort requested by scheduler ERR_ABORTED_BY_PROJECT (-221) "aborted by project - no longer usable"
abort if not started requested by scheduler (because past deadline) ERR_ABORTED_BY_PROJECT (-221)
too many exit(0)s ERR_TOO_MANY_EXITS (-226) "too many exit(0)s"
abort requested by user ERR_ABORTED_VIA_GUI (-197)
input file download failed ERR_RESULT_DOWNLOAD (-186) "WU download error: %s" or similar
output file upload failed ERR_RESULT_UPLOAD (-187) description of failed uploads
client exiting, config.abort_jobs_on_exit ERR_ABORTED_ON_EXIT "aborting on client exit"
scheduler acked active job EXIT_ABORTED_BY_CLIENT (194) "Got ack for job that's still active"
app launch failed ERR_RESULT_START (-185) "couldn't start %s: %d"
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