Homogeneous app version

BOINC's homogeneous redundancy (HR) mechanism lets you specify that multiple instances of a job must be run on hosts whose CPU and OS type are similar, to ensure that correct results are identical or sufficiently similar to compare.

The HR mechanism doesn't handle GPU app versions; e.g. it can't prevent situations where one instance is run with a GPU app version and another instance is run with a CPU app version.

Instead, there is a mechanism called homogeneous app version (HAV) which ensures that instances of a given job are run using the same app version (e.g., Win32/CUDA etc.). This flag can be specified on a per-application basis. You can set it using the admin web interface.


  • You can use this together with HR.
  • Use this only when you're sure that all app versions are correct, since it eliminates cross-checking between versions.
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