Retrieving files

A persistent file can be retrieved from a specific host. This can be done using the function

get_file(int host_id, const char* file_name)

or the command line program (run in the project root dir)

get_file -host_id X -file_name Y

This program must be run in the project's root directory. get_file() creates a result with a name of the form:


Example: get_test.mpg_34_123456789 is a result representing the upload of test.mpg from host number 34 at time 1234567891.

An upload message is created for the specific host and added to the msg_to_host table in the database. This message instructs the client to upload the file and acknowledge a successful upload. The upload message included in the next RPC reply to the host. The message has the form:


Include <msg_to_host/> in config.xml. Currently <ignore_upload_certificates/> needs to be included as there is no way to send upload certificates with these files.

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