Example applications

BOINC provides several example applications in the boinc/samples/ directory. See the instructions for building BOINC applications.

The example applications are:

  • example_app: a example single-thread native BOINC application. The application does things (like checkpointing and graphics) that can be tricky or confusing. You can use it as a template for your own BOINC application; just rip out the computation part (which is trivial) and replace it with your code.

You can run the application standalone. Create a file 'in' in the directory where you run it; it will convert it to upper case and write it to 'out', and use 20 seconds of CPU time. You can also run the graphics app standalone; it will show a bouncing 3D ball. If you copy the files boinc/txf/Helvetica.txf and boinc/samples/uppercase/logo.jpg to the directory where it runs, you'll also see an image and some text.

  • multi_thread: an example multi-thread application.
  • atiopencl: an OpenCL application for ATI GPUs
  • nvcuda: a CUDA application for NVIDIA GPUs.
  • nvopencl: an OpenCL application for NVIDIA GPUs.

There are also some "wrappers" that interface existing applications to BOINC:

... and a couple of test applications:

  • worker: a representative legacy application (i.e. it doesn't use the BOINC API or runtime library). Used for testing the wrapper.
  • sleeper: test application for non-CPU-intensive projects (used for testing the BOINC client).
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