Drupal conversion

We plan to integrate BOINC's web features with Drupal. BOINC features that have Drupal equivalents will be eliminated, and we'll use Drupal instead. This includes:

  • forums
  • profiles
  • private messages
  • friend lists

Other BOINC web features will be packaged as a Drupal "module". These include:

  • the BOINC notion of account and login (based on email address and password)
  • host features (view, merge)
  • team features
  • display of BOINC-specific user info (e.g., credit, other projects)
  • jobs and credit
  • computing preferences

BOINC's web RPCs will continue to exist as they are now.

(This is being implemented by Tristan Olive under the direction of Matt Blumberg).

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