Other sources of BOINC client software

The following sites offer downloads of BOINC software and BOINC project applications, compiled for various platforms. These downloads are not endorsed by BOINC or any BOINC project; use them at your own risk.

You can use these with BOINC's anonymous platform mechanism.

Read Installing the command-line client.

Site Platforms Programs available (Lars Bausch) AIX(Power/PowerPC)DragonflyBSD(i386)
FreeBSD(Alpha, i386, IA64, SPARC64, x64)
HP-UX 10.x/11.x/11i (PARISC+IA64)
IRIX 6.5.x
Linux(Alpha, HPPA, IA64, MIPS Big Endian+Little Endian(EL), PPC/Power, Playstation 3 (PS3), Power64, SPARC, zSeries)
MacOS X Intel+PPC
NetBSD(i386, MIPS Little Endian(EL), PowerPC/Power, x86_64)
OpenBSD(Alpha, i386, SPARC64, x64)
BOINC client, Seti applications are out-of-date
Stefan Urbat Solaris: SPARC, AMD64 (Opteron), x86, i686
Linux: Alpha, SPARC, AMD64 (Opteron), PowerPC, Itanium, s390
HP-UX: PA RISC and Itanium/IA64 (includes BOINC Manager)
Tru64: Alpha
AIX: Power4 and later
OpenBSD: x86
NetBSD: x86
FreeBSD: x86, Alpha
BOINC client, Seti applications are out-of-date OpenBSD: amd64 (x86_64) BOINC client, Seti applications are out-of-date
SOLARIS@x86 Solaris 9 on Intel x86 BOINC client, Seti applications are out-of-date Linux, Macintosh and Windows (x86 and x64) BOINC client, optimized Seti applications Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux: i386, amd64
Debian GNU/Linux: alpha, armel, hppa, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390 and sparc
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD: kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386
Debian GNU/Hurd: hurd-i386
BOINC client, BOINC Manager and Seti applications FreeBSD on a variety of hardware. BOINC client, Seti applications
BOINCpe Run BOINC from a RAM disk, on machines with as little as 256 MB RAM BOINC client and Manager 32-bit and 64-bit Linux OpenSuse 11 BOINC clients
Yuri Dario OS/2 Warp, eComStation BOINC client, Seti applications are out-of-date

If you have a download server not listed here, please edit this page.

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