Deleting sticky files from clients

Sticky files can be deleted in either of two ways.

Regular expression matching

You can create a file file_delete_regex in your project directory, containing a list of regular expressions, one per line. If a client has a sticky file whose name matches any of these expressions, it will be instructed to delete the file.

Explicit deletion

To delete a sticky file from a particular host, use the function

delete_file(int host_id, const char* file_name)

or the command line program (run from the project root dir)

delete_file -host_id X -file_name Y

delete_file() creates a message for the specific host and adds it to the msg_to_host table. This message instructs the client to delete the file. The message is included in the next scheduler reply to the host. The message XML has the form


For this to work, you need to include <msg_to_host/> in config.xml.

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