The BOINC database

BOINC stores information in a MySQL database. The main tables are:

Compilation targets of the core client and/or applications.
Applications. The core client is treated as an application; its name is 'core_client'.
Versions of applications. Each record includes a URL for downloading the executable, and the MD5 checksum of the executable.
Describes users, including their email address, name, web password, and authenticator.
Describes hosts.
Describes workunits. The input file descriptions are stored in an XML document in a blob field. Includes counts of the number of results linked to this workunit, and the numbers that have been sent, that have succeeded, and that have failed.
Describes results. Includes a 'state' (whether the result has been dispatched). Stores a number of items relevant only after the result has been returned: CPU time, exit status, and validation status.

The database is created by the make_project script. Normally you don't have to directly examine or manipulate the database. If you need to, you can use the MySQL command-line interpreter or BOINC's administrative web interface.

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