Creating a Bossa server

  1. Install the BOINC software on a Linux system and run configure (you don't need to make). Or run the BOINC virtual server using VirtualBox on any computer.
  1. Use make_project to create a BOINC project named "test":
> cd ~/boinc/tools
> make_project --web_only test
> cd ~/boinc/db
> mysql test < bossa_schema.sql
> mysql test < bossa_constraints.sql

Read ~/projects/test/test.readme and do what it says.

Let's say your server's domain name is "a.b.c".

  1. Visit http://a.b.c/test/create_account_form.php and create an account for yourself.

The public web interface

Edit the project's home page (~/projects/test/html/user/index.php) and add a link of the form

<a href="bossa_apps.php">Be a distributed thinking volunteer</a>

This links to a page where volunteers see a list of available applications, and can click to get jobs.

The administrative web interface

The page http://a.b.c/test_ops/bossa_admin.php is the home page for administering your Bossa project. From here you can view and control applications, batches, jobs and users.

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