Possible extensions

Integration with BOINC

Some offline jobs may involve computation done through BOINC; i.e. if the job is assigned to a team, the computation is queued in the project's BOINC server and dispatched to members of the team. (Or if the job is assigned to a user with many computers, those computers are used).

  • Tasks may be short (performed online via a single web page) or may take several weeks and involve running separate programs.
  • Tasks may be performed by a single user or by a group of cooperating users.
  • Tasks may be unvalidated, automatically validated, or validated by comparing redundant instances.

Teams as volunteers

Each job instance is assigned either to a user or to a team.

Offline jobs

  • Offline: jobs are not online, e.g. because they're potentially handled by a group of users, or requires other asynchronous activity.

A project can configure:

  • A maximum number of outstanding offline jobs per user or group
  • A maximum number of jobs per day issued per user or group
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