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Building Wrapper/VboxWrapper for Release

Update Version Information

Update the following files:

  • version.h
  • win_build/<project file>

Commit and push changes to git.

Create Git Tag

Create a new tag for the release.


wrapper/<build number>


vboxwrapper/<build number>

Commit and push changes to git.



Increment the sequence number of the .exe filename. Chnage this in the solution, in Release for both 32 and 64 bit.

If the VBox version has changed, you'll need to download the SDK from Vbox and add the .tlb file (with a name like vbox60.tlb). Then you'll need to create files vbox_mscom60.cpp,h, and add these to the solution.

Execute a Visual Studio command prompt from boinc/winbuild:

$> buildenv.cmd type release platform <x86|x64>
$> build <wrapper|vboxwrapper>
$> <codesignwrap|codesignvbox>

NOTE: the above doesn't work. I just built them from VS.

Zip up the EXE and corresponding PDB file into a zip file and upload to the BOINC sever.


Execute from boinc/:

$> ./_autosetup
$> ./configure --disable-server --disable-client --disable-manager
$> make clean
$> make
$> cd samples/<wrapper|vboxwrapper>
$> make clean
$> make
$> strip <wrapper/vboxwrapper>
$> mv <wrapper/vboxwrapper> <finale executable name>
$> zip <finale executable name>.zip <finale executable name>

Zip up the executable into a zip file and upload to the BOINC server.


Follow the instructions in boinc/<wrapper/vboxwrapper>/ReadMe.txt for building the wrapper.