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Building Wrapper/VboxWrapper for Release

Update Version Information

Update the following files:

  • version.h
  • win_build/<project file>

Commit and push changes to git.

Create Git Tag

Create a new tag for the release.


wrapper/<build number>


vboxwrapper/<build number>

Commit and push changes to git.



If the VBox version has changed, you'll need to download the SDK from Vbox and add the .tlb file (with a name like vbox60.tlb). Then you'll need to create files vbox_mscom60.cpp,h, and add these to the solution.

Execute a Visual Studio command prompt from boinc/winbuild:

$> buildenv.cmd type release platform <x86|x64>
$> build <wrapper|vboxwrapper>
$> <codesignwrap|codesignvbox>

NOTE: the above doesn't work. I just built them from VS.

Zip up the EXE and corresponding PDB file into a zip file and upload to the BOINC sever.


Execute from boinc/:

$> ./_autosetup
$> ./configure --disable-server --disable-client --disable-manager
$> make clean
$> make
$> cd samples/<wrapper|vboxwrapper>
$> make clean
$> make
$> strip <wrapper/vboxwrapper>
$> mv <wrapper/vboxwrapper> <finale executable name>
$> zip <finale executable name>.zip <finale executable name>

Zip up the executable into a zip file and upload to the BOINC server.


Follow the instructions in boinc/<wrapper/vboxwrapper>/ReadMe.txt for building the wrapper.