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Administrative tasks

Client release management


Track dependent software

VirtualBox: Track VirtualBox releases, and decide which one we should recommend and include in the client installers. It needs to work with our Vbox wrapper. Occasionally Vbox changes the API and we need to change the wrapper accordingly. Make sure you get good cross-platform test coverage; use the Alpha testers for this. If a Vbox release fixes significant bugs, consider doing a new release of the client software.

OpenSSL, Zlib, curl, sqllite: track their new versions. Update as needed; for security (openssl, zlib) generally update immediately.

WxWidgets?: we currently use 3.0.1. Update with caution.

Testing client software

Operate and maintain the Alpha test system.

Maintain wrappers

Update the binary versions of wrapper and vboxwrapper as needed (e.g. when there's been a change to the wrapper or to the BOINC API).

Maintain Win binary libraries

Maintain the Repo of Windows libraries such as zlib, openssl, and curl]. Monitor these project to see when they do important releases.

Maintain virtual machines

Periodically (and when the server software is known to be stable) update the Server VM by installing and building the current BOINC code, and updating the system software (Apache, PHP, etc.).

It should never need updating, but keep an eye on the Compatibility VM for Linux builds. This is for building applications to run on old Linux systems.

Translation system

Administer the BOINC translation system.

Server software management

Manage the BOINC server software

BOINC server

The BOINC web site ( is currently hosted on, which runs Scientific Linux. It runs a number of software systems:

  • Trac
  • Mediawiki
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • PHP

These may need to be upgraded periodically.

TODO: document our configuration for these systems.

TODO: a plan for migrating the server to a different machine or VM if isaac dies.