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Building a Windows installer for the BOINC client

Notes from call w/ Rom, 11/10/16

To do a Windows release: On build machine:

1) update version numbers in version.h android/BOINC/AndroidManifest.xml

use odd minor version for test, even for public release

2) on Github:

make branch client_release/7/7.8

(but version in files is 7.7)

can do this in Tortoise Git: create branch Unix: git -b

For release version: in boinc/version.h, unset BOINC_PRERELEASE

3) Tag release: client_release/7.8/7.7.0

add one to release# for each release (test, public)

4) [Conversion project files to VS 2015; Rom will do this]

5) build solution (Release/debug, 32/64)

6) build dependency libraries (docs?)

7) on Win command line:

cd boinc/win-build/ buildenv.cmd type release platform x64 updatesymstore (same for x86) deploysymstore (enter password)

(stores are on isaac in boinc/doc/symstore)

In Installshield VM;

open BOINC.ism

in Installation Design tab:

Product version: set Product code: get new one (at right) don't change Upgrade Code!

in Releases:

change filename check box for WEBx86 Build / build batch

Same for BOINC_vbox.ism, etc.

installers end up in BOINC/WEBx86/Web/DiskImages/DISK1

back on build machine:

put "customdict.txt" in boinc_depends_win_vs2010/developr/davea (??)