Building a Windows installer for the BOINC client

On the build machine:

  • Make sure you have updated the version number in various files, and have updated the project list, both of which are described here.


  • set the following environment variables (control panel / system / advanced system settings / environment variables)
    BUILDCODESIGN points to the directory where boinc.pfx file is located
    CODESIGNBOINC contains password for boinc.pfx file
  • Build the win_build/boinc_vs2019.sln solution (Release, 64 bit)


  • Make sure you have current dependent libraries.
  • Copy curl/ca-bundle.crt to win_build/Build/Release
  • Delete developr/David/symstore in the dependencies tree (remove old symbols)
  • Build the win_build/boinc.sln solution (Release, 64 bit)
  • If custom actions (in clientsetup/) have changed, copy boinccas.dll from win_build/Build/x64/Release to win_build/installerv2/redist/Windows/x64.
  • Set up boinc_codesign directory (peer of boinc/):

copy boinc.pfx and android_keystore (get these files from davea or Rom)

  • Copy customdict.txt and customenv.cmd to

boinc_depends_xxx/developr/David (or whatever your username is).

  • Edit customdict.txt to point to where boinc_codesign dir is,

e.g. BUILDCODESIGN=C:\users\David\documents\boinc_git\boinc_codesign (don't use spaces in path).

  • clean out boinc_depends_win_vs2010/developr/David/symstore
  • Run Visual Studio shell:

in start menu, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / Visual Studio Tools/ Visual Studio Command Prompt

  • On shell command line:
    cd "c:/users/David/documents/boinc_git/boinc_7.8/win_build/"
    [or whatever the branch directory is]
    buildenv.cmd type release platform x64
    [ screen turns blue to indicate release mode ]
    The following doesn't work since isaac no longer directly accessible:
    deploysymstore (enter boincadm password)(stores are on isaac in boinc/doc/symstore)

(updatesymstore and deploysymstore are scripts in boinc_depends_win_vs2010/win_build).


  • Make sure you have the latest VirtualBox and Extension Pack.
  • Run the Installshield VM (BOINC Windows Installer.vbox)

In the VM:

  • Start / My computer / Z: (takes you to c: drive of host)
  • go to c:/users/David/documents/boinc_git/boinc_7.x/win_build/installerv2
  • 1) open BOINCx64.ism
  • in Installation Designer tab:
    • click on General Information
    • Product version: set
    • Product code: get new one (at right)
    • don't change Upgrade Code!
  • select Media / Releases in navbar:
    • select Releases/Webx64 in dir tree
    • change Setup File Name
    • File / Save
    • Build / batch build
    • check box next to Webx64, click Build
    • go to 1); Same for BOINCx64_vbox.ism
  • installers end up on host in boinc_7.x/win_build/installerv2/BOINCx64/WEBx64/Web/DiskImages/DISK1/boincxxx.exe (that's the file you copy to boinc/doc/dl on isaac)
  • Create tag if needed
  • Commit the changes

Updating VirtualBox in installers

The version of vbox in the installer is the one in the installer VM. To update this:

  • On the host, download the version you want from the vbox site (this includes 32 and 64 bit).
  • From the cmd prompt, cd to ~/Downloads and Extract the various components from the VirtualBox installer via:
    VirtualBox-4.3.20-96996-Win.exe --extract --path c:\temp\virtualbox43
    (change 4.3.20-96996 and 43 based on the version you downloaded).
  • This produces:

In the VM:

  • Go to c:/program files/InstallShield/2011/SetUpPrerequisites
  • Copy the above file into this dir; delete older versions if you want.
  • Rename Oracle VM VirtualBox xxx (x64).prq to new version
  • Run !Installshield: Start/All Programs/Installshield/Installshield 2011
  • select Tools/Prerequisite Editor
  • File/Open, open the Oracle VM Virtualbox x.x.xx (x64).prq file
  • Remove the existing file; add the new one (xxx.msi).
  • select Conditions tab
  • double click on HKEY_LOCAL....
  • change version number there, and make sure 64-bit registry is selected
  • select Application to Run tab
  • update the filename to the new .msi file
  • select Properties tab
  • Change description to new version #
  • save, close dialog
  • double-click boincx64_vbox.ism
  • Select Application Data / Redistributables
  • In list of files, check box for new .prq file.
  • save project
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