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Posted 13 May 2009 by Profile Julius Tuomisto
Hi David,

Could you give any indication of how or when do you expect the level of integration that is described on the wiki pages to be ready? We would gladly help with the efforts in any way that we can.

The plan is probably to take existing Drupal modules into use (such as,, privatemessages etc.)?

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Posted 22 Apr 2009 by Profile Julius Tuomisto
Hi guys,

Yes we're working on integrating BURP/BOINC with Drupal. Now that I've finally had the time to really look into Drupal more (a thing I should have done when we first decided to start dabble with it), I'm convinced that it's been the right choice. Finally we're starting to have a clue what to make out of it.

Some of the stuff we're planning is of course very BURP related and it's probably easier to make a kind a social website experiment with BURP than many other BOINC projects. However, I would be really interested in sharing ideas on how to best make use of Drupal.

We're planning to migrate to Drupal 6 in 1-2 months (currently using Drupal 5). At the same time we're going to redo the graphics and the way we're handling the animations coming out of BURP. What we basically hope to do is that we really start to create nodes out of the animation that comes out of the system, which gives us the possibility to start using stuff like the fivestar module and Drupal's own taxonomy handling.

Getting to real integration, we need to somehow integrate the BOINC user profiles + teams to Drupal. If someone has a working system for this, please share! It just makes sense when you're trying to develop a user friendly social website for people sharing common interest. I personally think BOINC should definitely start to go this way - the accessibility and interaction Drupal can provide could be a way of getting many more people involved with all of the projects.

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