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1) Message boards : BOINC Manager : 6.10.0 problem on XP? (Message 26817)
Posted 27 Aug 2009 by Profile De Zwirek
THANK YOU - will follow up.

Much obliged.
2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : 6.10.0 problem on XP? (Message 26814)
Posted 27 Aug 2009 by Profile De Zwirek

For years I have always run the latest version of BOINC Manager on my XP machine without problems. However, for the first time, I have had one with 6.10.0.

My podcatching software (from, which has not changed in over a year, started giving serious problems. Most times it did not start or hung - other times it crashed. Only after much patience and luck would it finally run to completion, or run sufficiently before hanging to bring down the podcasts I wanted.

It took me a while to suspect BOINC, but since going back to 6.6.36 I have had no problems.

No other programs had any issues - only the podcatcher - and it was definitely going back to BOINC 6.6.36 that solved the problem. One clue - the podcatcher improved (crashed less often)) if I first "snoozed" BOINC 6.10.0.

3) Message boards : Promotion : LinkedIn Group (Message 23537)
Posted 8 Mar 2009 by Profile De Zwirek
Great - If you are a member of LinkedIn - just join the group at

4) Message boards : Promotion : LinkedIn Group (Message 19809)
Posted 28 Aug 2008 by Profile De Zwirek

Welcome Aboard SEO Florida, and everyone else.

The LinkedIn BOINC Group have grown nicely and are now getting close to the 100 mark. My "feel" is that soon after that number we will be reaching "critical mass" and will start being noticed.

This group is for users of LinkedIn who are also users of BOINC to use this commonality to connect with each other; to identify themselves; and to publicize BOINC. If what you're after is more specific to BOINC, this forum, and the ones for the individual projects and teams is the place to which you should refer.

That being said, next week, LinkedIn is changing some of the ways members of groups can communicate with each other - sounds like it will be more like a forum. As we are a new group, I will wait a bit for our own dynamics to clarify (ie people sending me suggestions), the new software proves itself (there has been some recent problems with the software running LinkedIn Groups) plus my return from a WELL DESERVED break - without my laptop, and then canvas the members to see how they wish the group to evolve given the new capabilities.

5) Message boards : Promotion : LinkedIn Group (Message 19666)
Posted 21 Aug 2008 by Profile De Zwirek
There is now a LinkedIn BOINC Group. You can join it by going to Non LinkedIn members will first be asked to join LinkedIn, a network of 25 million professionals.

LinkedIn is used by professionals to find resources, make sales and find jobs - and make contact with old friends and others with common interests. There are many "groups" that can be joined, and where members can contact other members. Some are work, profession or geography related, others are by interests. This linking proves useful in many ways - by finding, contacting and connecting with a person with specific skills by having something in common with them.

The BOINC group was created to gave a place to identify with BOINC in the LinkedIn environment; permit interested individuals to connect with each other; and to promote BOINC.

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