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Message 18786 - Posted: 23 Jul 2008, 19:10:30 UTC
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as I'm a java-programmer, I'm searching for an easy way to create boinc enabled applications with java.

G**gle showed up the wrapper in combination with jsmooth, but this works only for windows.

Is there any native java-api or another trick, to create a project with a java application? (assuming, the correct java version is installed on every client machine?)
Every java app, will be bundled as complete .jar file including all required libs, so the app-start would be:
java -jar worker.jar [-some options] [infile] [outfile]

I searched the www for a day now and didn't find any solution.

Some help would be great!
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Message 18816 - Posted: 24 Jul 2008, 22:33:29 UTC
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The wrapper can basically start anything that you can run from a command line. It will communicate with the BOINC core client through the API functions and it can communicate with your application through functions you have to design.

In the most trivial case, this can be a simple file interface, e.g. :

The wrapper reads the progress from a file, written by your project application

The wrapper creates a file that makes the project go to sleep and wait for that file to disappear (while other projects get their CPU time share or the user wants BOINC to sleep)

You could of course implement TCP socket, named pipe, shared memory or whatever communication between wrapper and scientific program as well.

The file interface method even allows to wrap programs that do not know anything about BOINC at all.

p.s.: If you plan to integrate the BOINC API into your program, a JNI wrapper for the API might be an option.

The SZTAKI guys seem to have explored that stuff : PPT-Presentation
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Message 18821 - Posted: 25 Jul 2008, 0:49:49 UTC

I sent it off to the BOINC_Projects email list and got this answer from Eric J. Korpela:

About all we have now is BOINC for Android (google search on BOINCoid), which requires some changes to work with a standard JRE. Implementing a check for java and a benchmark is on my list of "if I had infinite time" things.


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