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Sanjay Habanjasingh

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Message 11551 - Posted: 8 Jul 2007, 3:10:48 UTC
Last modified: 8 Jul 2007, 3:11:18 UTC

Why do I get an error any time I submit work from a school computer?

The IP address is used by anyone using Vrouter Virtual Machine. The error you recieve is because the IP address is shared by 100,000 different college computers across the country. When you need to submit work, log off, and at the log on screen, select Cal - Unique to recieve a unique IP. You may be put in line to wait for one of the campuses IP's to become free. On August 21st, all teacher computers will be issued unique IP's and work can be submitted regularly.

You forgot to mention that the Unique IP login only lasts 15 minutes and logs you off with no warning. So finish your work before logging in there.

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Message 12043 - Posted: 13 Aug 2007, 0:04:56 UTC

I don't see how this is remotely related to any API.
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