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John Dlugosz

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Message 10448 - Posted: 24 May 2007, 2:02:01 UTC

None of the forums' descriptions covered this, so I'm posting here.

The main page, <> has three problems I'd like to report.

There is no !DOCTYPE statement.

The character set is specified in the response header by the server, but is not in the document itself. So, if the content is saved locally as an HTML file, when loaded it wants to use the default of Latin 1, not UTF-8.

The language link for Bulgarian is messed up. It has a series of "replacement characters", little question-mark icons, actually coded in the HTML. The chars must have been lost when the file was being saved or generated.

BTW, I'd be happy to help out in this department.
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Profile KSMarksPsych

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Message 10451 - Posted: 24 May 2007, 2:19:32 UTC

Logged into Trac.
Kathryn :o)
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Lee Carre

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Message 10828 - Posted: 10 Jun 2007, 6:59:22 UTC
Last modified: 10 Jun 2007, 7:08:24 UTC

There are hundreds of minor fixes which need to be made, but in reality the whole front-end needs a major overhaul, however it's being worked on :)

And yes, i'm aware of W3C standards (and validation), usability, accessibilty, efficient coding, CSS positioning/layouts instead of tables, semantic markup ((X)HTML) etc.

I just need the co-operation of other developers if the final end product is going to be good.

I believe the lack of a doctype is due to the fact that the current front-end code is far from any form of valid structure, so at present it's better to have the browser parse pages in quirks mode, rather than standards compliant mode (which is what adding a doctype would cause).

encoding issues are complex, as the system is complex and encoding involves everything from data-input, database storage formats, PHP processing between the DB and the front-end, and of course; HTTP and such too.

Trust me, these issues have annoyed me for some time, but they're being worked on.

If you have any other issues/bugs to report, no matter how minor, please let me know and I'll add them to the ToDo list.
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